Rebranding Means Nothing If Your Culture is Shit!

Why do companies rebrand? What’s the point of a rebrand? I recently saw a company rebrand in a way that made me ask this question. If you have an existing business and things aren’t going well, is a rebrand exactly the way to go? I feel like sometimes companies rebrand and think that it will save their profits, without realising that slapping a new logo on a failing company is not going to save that company.

I remember when Facebook, now known as Meta, was under heavy scrutiny from shareholders, users, the general public, and the government for their practices and policies. And in the midst of all the congressional hearings, we learned that they decided to rename and rebrand the company, as though anybody cared. In addition, I recently saw another company rebrand in a way that hasn’t really been getting any positive feedback from the public. So I asked myself, what’s the point? Does this rebrand mean fresh life for the company, a new direction? Because if so, we’re not seeing the difference.

If there’s nothing substantially different about what you offer, your vision, your purpose, your organisational culture, or your leadership, but you slap a new logo on the front door, people will see right through it. A rebrand should not just be a new logo or new brand colours. It should mean that you’ve done the work to deeply investigate your organisation, determined what the issues were, made a plan, and made steps towards resolving those issues. And then you come to the public and say, “Hey, this is who we are now, and this is who we want to be. This is how we operate, this is what we stand for now, and this is how we are improving to serve you.” Sadly, the missing ingredient is always the how.

Companies often fail to recognise that people can see through their bullshit. If you just write a press statement with fluff about how you’ve changed, but you’re just using pretty words, we’re going to see right through it. So make sure that when you do your rebrand, you’ve actually done the work. Take a hard look in the mirror, determine what’s going well and what needs to change, and commit to actually implementing these steps towards being better. At Kreativ Edge Inc., this is exactly what we do in our Brand Interventions service.

We developed a proven framework for turning your brand inside out; examining your operations, your culture, what needs optimising, and what needs an overhaul. It’s a methodical process that identifies untapped opportunities, and covers both the internal and external factors that tie into building a legacy brand.

Doing this work will help you to get noticed, gain brand loyalty, and most importantly, leave a legacy for generations to come. You have to get clear on what you want to be known for and what mission you want to accomplish in business. The problem with a lot of companies is that they aren’t trying to achieve a specific mission, they’re just trying to make money. When this is your strategy, people can see it. They know that there’s nothing special about your brand, and they have options. But when you craft a specific mission and draw in a specific type of customer, people can feel it. They feel the magic of what you’re building and they feel connected to your brand. It’s the gleam of pride in your staff member’s eyes as they interact with customers. It’s the personal touches that make people feel seen and loved. It’s the ease of doing business, and the speed at which transactions are processed. These things let people know that you actually care about making their lives easier.

So we’re putting out a call to you to build something that matters. We’ll take your brand from a casual option, to the one your customers swear by.

Hit the request quote button to set up your consultation today, and learn more about how our Brand Interventions build untouchable brands, and how they can work for you.

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